Bike and Boat
We combine the passion for navigation with that for cycling and trekking in a unique territory for art, culture and food and wine

About us...

Bike and Boat, a happy wedding, where sport, art, environment, food and wine become a unique great passion.

The rides on the spectacular bike lanes along the rivers of Po Valley and the lakes alternate with navigation routes for a whole discovery of the landscape: the Po river, with its way to the Delta, Mantua and Ferrara with their Renaissance artistic beauty, Polesine region full of manors and castles, the Venetian lagoon with its islands and its pearl, Venice.


The tours are suitable for everyone: from families, for a carefree excursion of few hours, to the enthusiast that loves longer rides, even for many days. Don't worry if you don't have a bike, we can provide the best one for you, the classic or the electric one: you can find it directly on the boat or wherever you prefer (train station, hotel, farmhouse, etc.).


Mantua, Adria, Ferrara, Chioggia,
Venice, the Po Delta and the canals of the “Middle River”. A territory with an incredible cultural Heritage along with food and wine, with endless ways addicted to hospitality: you can accomodate inside an old renovated Mill or in a Villa of 1600, inside an agricultural farmhouse with its own swimming pool and comfort or in an Agri-camping, as per your liking and possibilities. WE HAVE EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE!


Land of water and reclamation, land of Matilda, of abbeys and churches, land of the Gonzaga, land of residual and protected nature, land of agriculture, land of taste and typical products, borderland, crossroads of people and knowledge.

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